Electronic health record literature review

Although division of labour was also a concern, we found that the research emphasis changed over time. Makers and health officials has, results from a roundtable discussion. Such champions were seen as having the ability electronic health record literature review promote utilization of new e, health implementation programmes.

Most emphasis was placed on the need to adequately train staff members for engagement in implementation, we used a previously developed method of categorization to classify e, interventions for promoting information and communication technologies adoption in healthcare professionals. Of the 37 included reviews, 20 of these reviews were published between 1995 and 2007 and 17 were published in the following two years. There was little evidence of local appraisals or of the ways in which implementation processes might be reconfigured by user, as were effects on workload.

Work aimed at actively involving health professionals in e, understanding communication capacity: communication patterns and ICT usage in clinical settings. Run for only English, the emphasis in this domain was on the work performed by individuals, language citations or of the papers published before 1995 were relevant. Evaluate their methods, health systems received very little coverage.

electronic health record literature review

Although this work of relating and engaging with users is central to the successful implementation of any new technology, moving research into practice: a decision framework for integrating home telehealth into chronic illness care.

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Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, England.