Price quote cover letter template

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price quote cover letter template

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A standard resume is designed for the human eye to read, but colors, graphics, and even certain types of fonts and spacing can disrupt the ability of ATS programs to correctly read a resume. That is from a recent survey of hiring managers and HR professionals, who all agree that if a resume isn’t prepared correctly, it drastically reduces the chances of an interview. Click here for your FREE resume analysis and guaranteed price quote. If your resume isn’t working you are losing valuable time and money.

Professionally-written resumes and cover letters can get you more interviews and dramatically shorten the time spent looking for a job. Hard to believe a resume can make a difference in your getting that new job or promotion? Consider that there might be facets of your knowledge and experience that can be applied to your current position that may not have considered. Your resume and cover letter are your marketing tools, and the only pieces of information a hiring manager or human resources representative has available to make the decision of whether or not to interview you.

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